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AquaCool Protection
  • AquaCool fibre technology wicks away moisture from the body and dries faster.
  • Reduces overheating which keeps your sleep surface cool and dry, ensuring a better night's sleep.
Memory Foam
  • Deep layer of responsive memory foam that moulds around your body allowing you to relax in a natural position.

Additional Layers of Resilient Foam
  • Layers of resilient, plush foam added to the pamper top provide you with a plusher, more luxurious sleep surface.

Wave Edge Support
  • All round edge strengthening and support which increases your sleeping area and prevents soft edges.

Superior Insulator Fibre Pad
  • Attached to the top of the spring unit, it eliminates spring feel and comfort layer from shifting.

Verticoil® Edge™
  • Provides Edge-to-Edge support by firming and responding to your body's pressure and eliminates roll-together and 'soft' edges.


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