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Sealy Beds - Mattress and Base Sets

A perennial misconception is that a mattress must be firm to deliver better back support, not so. Back support is delivered by the support system in your mattress. This comfort level allows you to sleep in luxury without compromising on back support.

Sealy Beds - Mattress and Base Sets

A comfort level that exists in-between very firm and ultra luxurious. Generally recommended for people of average build and average weight. A gentle Firm mattress offers a balanced comfort solution for you.

Sealy Beds - Mattress and Base Sets

Not to be confused with high quality back support, firm mattresses are for those who sleep more comfortably on a harder feeling bed. A firmer comfort level is generally recommended for individuals of above average weight and build.

Mattresses are generally grouped into 3 different comfort preferences: firm, gentle firm and luxury. The good news is that with modern mattress technology, you can enjoy exceptional comfort and proper spine alignment simultaneously.
It is important that a mattress provide adequate support for the spine and to buy the best quality mattress you can afford. This means understanding your personal requirements when selecting the comfort level of your mattress.
Before you make your purchase decision, test a plush firm inner spring mattress, then try a memory foam mattress and latex foam mattress and compare their comfort levels.