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The support system of a bed refers to how the bed and mattress support the spine. Bed support systems include inner springs, foam, memory foam and latex. Choose the bed support system that suits your preference from a range of top brands at great prices from Dial-a-Bed.

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South Africa’s most popular choice of mattress. The support system is made up of multiple rows of springs or coils that ensure the mattress will last for years. Many variations of spring types are available to suite a person’s specific requirements.

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High quality foam mattresses generally comprise of multiple layers of foam that have been laminated together. High quality foam mattresses tend to reduce partner disturbance and possesses the ability to carry more weight. The measure of good quality foam is the foams density and not necessarily its firmness.

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True Latex is a 100% natural product. It is produced by many of the world’s flowering plants. Latex is a type of rubber that produces a great sleeping surface. It is soft enough to conform to your body and resilient enough to last for many years.

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A specialized foam that has unique characteristics. This foam is able to mould around the body ensuring that the sleep surface conforms to your body shape ensuring a very comfortable sleeping position. It also promotes increased blood circulation and less stress on pressure points.

Choosing a new mattress or bed can be challenge and besides price, size is another important consideration when it comes to buying a bed online.
Sleeping on the correct size bed can have a very positive effect on the quality of your sleep. If you are purchasing a bed for two people to sleep on, we recommend at least a queen size bed. If your bedroom space allows, why not try a king size bed? Choose Dial-a-Bed for the best mattress and bed prices with a choice of a variety of sizes including single, double, queen and king-sized beds.
With the extensive range available online from Dial-a-Bed, you will be spoilt for choice with brands like Sealy, Simmons, Forty Winks and Dunlopillo. For extra convenience we will even deliver your new bed and mattress to your home!